Passi is The Rabobank’s online youth platform that inspires and stimulates talent development. BetterMatter has developed 2 formats for Passi: ‘8Baanvragen’ (Rollercoaster questions) and the ‘PASSI internship days’, with the goal to appeal to youth accesibly, inspire them and give them more insight in different kinds of (dream)jobs.

Both series are still running, with a variety of content for primarily YouTube and Instagram



On 8Baanvragen you get to ride a rollercoaster with your hero and ask him or her a rollercoaster of questions. But there is one catch: 8Baanvragen only allows you to ask 8 questions, so choose wisely. The first episode was off to a flying start with Philippe and Dutch Olympic swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo.


In the second episode, Irene hopped in the rollercoaster with YouTuber Teske. It was exciting for Irene, but even more exciting for Teske!


Internship days

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage the Hilton hotel? Or to create new flavors of chocolate for Tony’s Chocolonely? The PASSI internship days has an answer to those questions and more. PASSI owners can let us know where they would want to be an intern for a day. With a bit of fortune you could be the lucky one!