Rabobank - Volleybowl 

The Rabobank wants to make healthy and durable nutrition available for everyone in the Netherlands. To give this ambition a kickstart, the bank partnered up with the Dutch Volleyball union. Sister company Kumpany came up with the concept Volley Bowl. BetterMatter then thought of and produced all the content. The promo was filmed in March, which was no problem for professional beach volleyball heroes Meeuwsen and Brouwer - they just tackled that field bare footed!



The first film was primarily meant to inform people about the collaboration between the Rabobank and the Dutch Volleyball union.

Volleyball was also brought to attention during the European beach volleyball Championships. Volleyball fans were asked to share their best Volleybowl recipes to get a chance to win their own club stand at the European beach volleyball Championship. Meeuwsen and Brouwer also kicked off this campaign. This time we brought them to a familiar setting: the beach!