Staatsloterij - Dreamexperiment

Staatsloterij was looking for a concept around anticipation. The best part of buying a lottery ticket is fantasizing about what you’re going to do if you win the jackpot. Where one person dreams about a brand new sportscar, another wishes for a luxurious vacation or a sea side villa. At least, that’s what we think. Our brain namely often has its own will. Activation agency Kumpany thought of the Staatsloterij Dreamexperiment, in which we tested if our dreams are compatible with what our brain tells us. The subjects told us what they would do with a million dollars and were then shown an array of ‘dream images’. The test lab was able to recreate different scenarios that were used to accurately measure what triggered the brain. One thing is for sure; we’ll have good dreams for weeks because of this successfull production.

Staats blauw.png


-Stukje over de productie-