Ziggo - eBattle

To Ziggo a new Formula 1 season also means a new Ziggo eBattle season. They asked us to come up with a concept that mostly wasn’t catered to die hard F1 fans. We used the natural rivalry between Dutch race car drivers Robert Doornbos and brothers Tim & Tom Coronel. Tightly packed into Canta's, they went out looking for participants for their team.

BetterMatter made sure that besides 3 promo's, a wide array of social content and photography was produced. This allowed Ziggo to bring attention to the eBattle on both social and TV, all season long, each time in a different way.



No, the rivalry between Robert Doornbos and Tim & Tom Coronel is definitely not fake: these men want to beat each other no matter what. Even the Canta’s were pushed to their limits; it’s a miracle that all of them survived the shoot. The drivers were highly motivated, which produced some beautiful footage and a ton of fun!



A separate shotlist for photography and social content was adhered to during the shoot. We were able to get maximum efficiency out of the day because of this efficient productionproces. The result: heaps of content that was employable during the entirety of the Formula 1 season.