NS - 10 years OV bike

Congratulations! The OV bike has been around for 10 years. Of course that has to be celebrated! In honour of the anniversary, the NS launches a limited edition OV confetti bike. They asked us to think of a concept that commemorates that the OV bike has been getting us from trainstation to trainstation for 10 years. It didn't take much to come up with a fun idea to put this two-wheeler in the spotlight.

We are convinced that it is necessary to create specific content for each channel, so we made social versions of the campaign as well.



For over 10 years the OV bike has been there for us unconditionally - under all circumstances. That’s what we wanted to show in this film, thereafter introducing the limited OV Confettibike. Have you already spotted this festive vehicle?



For the adaptation to social, we chose to show bike riders with their bike who together play the Dutch version of Happy Birthday on their bicycle bells.