TOTO - KNVB Cup Final

At the start of 2018, TOTO became name sponsor of the KNVB cup, with the 100th finale and a golden KNVB as the highlights. Our assignment: capture the highlights of this sponsorship. The result: a lot of epic footage paired with a unique experience for two lucky fans during the final. BetterMatter captured everything on foot, from an armored van and even from a helicopter.



With #groenecolonne, all of The Netherlands was under the spell of a heavily armored, mysterious TOTO-green valuables transport van that toured the country. Everything was reaveled on the KNVB Campus: TOTO is the new name sponsor and introduces a golden TOTO KNVB cup.

And then the moment was finally there: the TOTO KNVB cup finale! At the atmospheric Feyenoord stadium, two fans delivered the golden KNVB cup. There was a team on the helicopter and on the field to prepare for this live event. That’s how we were able to optimally capture this unique experience. The composition was made on the same evening to make sure that TOTO could share the activation with the world the next day.